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I spotted a child,
Mixed in with the crowd,
Her confused eyes,
Settled just below the brow.

I pushed through the crowd,
And knelled down by the child.
I then asked in a kind voice,
"Are you lost dear child?"

"No ma'am. I am with the crowd,
So I am right where I need to be."
She had replied quickly,
And I was shamed to hear such words.

"Have you forgotten your name?
Are you sure of who you are?"
My question puzzled her,
And she furrowed her brow.

"I was blind to reality,
But now I see,
Just how distorted,
This world has come to be.

No one knows who they are.
Everyone is just like everyone else,
They are scared to be different,
They are scared to be unique."

The girl looked confused,
And at a loss of words.
"What do you mean?
Have I forgotten my name?"

"You are just like the rest.
You are lost in the crowd.
Now answer one question.
Who are you inside?"

A moment of silence,
And a thousand puzzled thoughts,
Then she looked up at me,
And she told me the truth.

"I am me.
You were right.
I was lost in the crowd.
But Why?"

I smiled at her answer.
Then I stood up in the crowd.
I cleared my voice and spoke;
Clear an Loud.

"Society has bred us.
To be as Machines.
To all be the same.
For their own little game.

Is no one wise enough to see it?
To see through their lies.
Are you all too blind to see
What is right in front of your eyes?

Are you who you are,
Or are you one of the crowd?
It's a demented reality.
Why be scared to stand out?

You have nothing to lose.
Just open your eyes.
The being inside;
That is your prize.

Break the binds
And shatter the chains!
This is Our World,
Lets us not be restrained!

Have you all lost your senses!
Have you all become blind!
Have you all lost who you are?
Have you all forgotten your names?"
Poetry written in a story-like form. I was bored in English one morning during 8th grade when I wrote this. It is still one of my favorite poems...
Van-Drake Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2011  Professional Artisan Crafter!!!, i can't say any more,
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